Petri Nets 2010, ACSD 2010 - Braga, Portugal


ACSD 2010

Braga, Portugal, June 21-25, 2010
Petri Nets 2010, ACSD 2010 - Braga, Portugal
List of Accepted Papers
Automated synthesis of instruction codes in the context of micro-architecture design
Andrey Mokhov, Arseniy Alekseyev, Alex Yakovlev
STG Decomposition: Internal Communication for SI Implementability
Dominic Wist, Mark Schaefer, Walter Vogler, Ralf Wollowski
A Complete Synthesis Method for Block-Level Relaxation in Self-Timed Datapaths
William Toms, Doug Edwards
Wagging Logic: Implicit Parallelism Extraction Using Asynchronous Methodologies
Charles Brej
From POOSL to UPPAAL: Transformation and Quantitative Analysis
Jiansheng Xing, B.D. Theelen, Rom Langerak, Jaco van de Pol, Jan Tretmans, J.P.M. Voeten
Adaptable Intrusion Detection Systems Dedicated to Concurrent Programs: a Petri Net-Based Approach
Jean-Baptiste Voron, Clément Démoulins, Fabrice Kordon
An Asynchronous Routing Algorithm for Clos Networks
Wei Song, Doug Edwards
Efficient Model Checking of PSL Safety Properties
Tuomas Launiainen, Keijo Heljanko, Tommi Junttila
Cut-Offs with Network Invariants
Antti Siirtola
Order-Independence of Vector-Based Transition Systems
Matthias Raffelsieper, MohammadReza Mousavi, Hans Zantema
polyDD: Towards a Framework Generalizing Decision Diagrams
Alban Linard, Emmanuel Paviot-Adet, Fabrice Kordon, Didier Buchs, Samuel Charron
Modular interpretation of heterogeneous modeling diagrams into synchronous equations using static single assignment
Jean-Pierre Talpin, Julien Ouy, Thierry Gautier, Loic Besnard, Alexandre Cortier
Faster Embedded Software Synthesis using Actor Elimination Techniques for Multi-rate Synchronous Formalism
Bijoy A. Jose, Jason Pribble, Sandeep K. Shukla
Aggregation Ordering for Massively Compositional Models
Pepijn Crouzen, Holger Hermanns
The Model Checking View to Clock Gating and Operand Isolation
Jens Brandt, Klaus Schneider, Sandeep Shukla, Sumit Ahuja
Partial order reduction for branching security protocols
Wan Fokkink, Mohammad Torabi Dashti, Anton Wijs
A linear process algebraic format for probabilistic systems with data
Joost-Pieter Katoen, Jaco van de Pol, Marielle I. A. Stoelinga, Mark Timmer
Probabilistic Contracts : A Compositional Reasoning Methodology for the Design of Stochastic Systems
Axel Legay, Benoit Delahaye, Benoit Caillaud

List of Conditionally Accepted Papers
A Formal Semantics of Clock Refinement in Imperative Synchronous Languages
Mike Gemünde, Jens Brandt, Klaus Schneider
Efficient Method for Checking the Existence of a Safety/ reachability Controller
Parisa Heidari, Hanifa Boucheneb

List of Accepted Short Papers
Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad Hoc Network Protocols
Fatemeh Ghassemi, Ali Movaghar, Wan Fokkink
Robustness of Sequential Circuits
Axel Legay, Thomas Henzinger, Laurent Doyen, Dejan Nickovic